As a newly registered member, you always have the normal plan which lets you use our service for 30 labels per month for free.

If 30 isn't enough for you you should ask to have an unlimited plan which lets you send as many parcels as you want.

This article includes:

  1. How to get the unlimited plan?

  2. How much does the unlimited plan cost?

What do you have to do to get the unlimited plan?

  1. Fill in the information about your company on our platform -> company -> company.

  2. Contact us via email [email protected]

  3. We will prepare an agreement which might be signed by hand or with an e-signature.

  4. After signing the agreement the unlimited plan will be turned on and you will be able to send an unlimited amount of parcels per month.

What is the cost of an unlimited plan?

Usually, it is free to send up to 30 parcels per month. And this remains the same with the unlimited plan.

Let us be 100% clear and take a look at this example:

Shipments sent per month

Normal plan price, €

(VAT exluded)

Unlimited plan price, €

(VAT excluded)
















*So it is crystal clear that you might need the unlimited plan if you are sending more than 30 shipments per month because without it you are not able to use our service.

**8.26 € + VAT is a fixed minimum price if you are sending over 30 shipments per month.

***One shipment price is 0.12 € + VAT.

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