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Magento 1 integration
Magento 1 integration

Magento 1 + MultiParcels to create shipping labels, track shipments and more

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Use Magento 1 integration and create shipping labels.

Tracking information is automatically sent to Magento after creating a shipping label.


  1. Add integration in MultiParcels Platform

1. Create integration user

Go to Magento 1 Admin->System->Web Services->SOAP/XML-RPC - Roles

Click "Add New Role".

Enter Role Name: MultiParcels

Select Role Resources:

  • Core->Magento info->Retrieve info about current Magento installation

  • Sales->Order->Order shipments->All

  • Sales->Order->Retrieve orders info

  • Sales->Order->Change status, add comments

Click "Save Role".

Now go to->System->Web Services->SOAP/XML-RPC - Users

Click "Add New User".

Set User Name, First Name, Last Name to "MultiParcels".

Set Email to "[email protected]"

API Key: generate a random key by clicking "Generate Password"

Api Key Confirmation: re-enter the same key again

This account is: Active

Set "User Role" to "MultiParcels"

Click "Save User"

2. Add integration in MultiParcels Platform

Go to Shops and click "Add" near Magento 1

Enter the address of your Magento 1 shop and the key you generated

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